Argumentative Essay On Embryos

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The beginning of human life is a beautiful thing. God divinely created human beings to create, love, and nurture children made in His image and for His glory. However, not every couple has the ability to procreate naturally. For many couples the reality of infertility comes as a crushing reality to the hopes and dreams they hoped to one day share with their children. As scientific technology continues to grow, however, an answer to this dilemma has come to the forefront. With in vitro fertilization, many otherwise infertile couples can now become parents. In order to achieve this, doctors go through a process which involves taking eggs from the woman and mixing them with sperm from the man. This creates a number of human embryos for the doctor…show more content…
Many of these take a different stance on when life begins than the previous argument discussed above. Instead of deeming the beginning of life when the embryo becomes a fetus, they state that life begins at the moment of conception. For IVF that would mean the embryo became a human being the moment the egg the sperm met on that petri dish. Therefore, they argue, destroying the leftover embryos or letting them sit unwanted in freezers would be the equivalent to killing a human being. These opponents to IVF state that the embryos have every right to life that any other human being would have, and regardless of the opportunities in stem cell research it is never right to take a human life. Christians who are part of this opposing viewpoint argue that because humans are made in God’s image, all of them should be treated as though their life has value, including embryos. Those against IVF also state that it increases the risk of the mother becoming pregnant with high amounts of multiples. Some cases of IVF have resulted in a pregnancy of multiples as high as eight, which of course could cause a lot of health complications for the mother and the children. One article on a pro-life website states that allowing for high amounts of embryos to be implanted through IVF “creates a dangerous situation for herself and her babies” and therefore should be

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