Argumentative Essay On Empathy

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“Don’t cry, beta/child.” “It’s just a movie, chill” “No need to be so excited, it’s just new restaurant” “Don’t be such a drama queen” “Don’t act like a fool!” “Get over it.” How many times have we heard these lines? And how many of us stopped “acting like a fool” once someone told us so? All our lives we have been taught that showing emotions is showing weakness. That sensitive people are weak. Nothing could be further from the truth. For centuries, people have believed that expressing your emotions is a sign of weakness, of poor self-control and difficult nature. We 're taught as children that emotions should cause shame. To display happiness, sadness, anger, excitement gives an advantage to other people to exploit you. It could also be the…show more content…
To deny your feelings is to deny it affects you in the first place. Human suffering is frequently caused by an inability to entertain the perspectives and feelings of others. Imagine a world where people in positions of power/leadership were ACTUALLY compassionate and empathic, rather than making a show of it. Empathy allows us to put ourselves in another person’s shoes, see the world through their eyes, and feel the way that they feel. This is incredibly important, as empathizing helps you understand how other people function. It allows us to form personal connections with individuals. It also makes us great listeners, as we sincerely attempt to see the world through another person’s eyes. If we truly desire to progress as a species, we need to embrace our own emotions while seeking to understand the sentiments of others. Thus, despite the values I was brought up with, the lack of proper information and the lack of space to vent feelings, I don’t associate my sensitivity with shame anymore. It did cause a lot of difficulties in the past, but it is these difficulties that forced me to get out my box and question myself, my attitude. And it is these difficulties that gave me a better understanding of myself, freed me of my inhibitions and made me the person I am
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