Argumentative Essay On English As An International Language

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Midterm argumentative essay In nowadays world, there is no doubt that English is an international language; educated people speak it when they met people from other countries. Obviously, it has become the new lingua franca with which people from different countries communicate. Recently, it has so quickly spread to all parts of the world to the extent that the majority of speakers of English language are non-native speakers. More significantly, it has become the language of business; that is to say, international companies use English to interact with their foreign customers. Away from business, the popularity of English increased as a result of American movies, songs, and Mc Donald?s; in a way or in another, these culturally significant products brought the English language and culture along with them. Accordingly, more and more people become interested in Learning English
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However, the large percent of learners of English as a foreign language learn it in school. A language cannot be separated from its culture; consequently, EFL teachers concern themselves with how they can adopt an approach that enables them to teach their students? linguistic skills and at the same time introduce them to features of American and British culture without affecting their own identity. I personally think that the best approach to adopt is the Intercultural approach; EFL teachers should first emphasis the importance of English as a tool for expressing student?s own culture first and then, as lessons proceed, they can introduce items from English culture that student can understand; items like food, dressing code, celebrations and so on. Basically, the Moroccan beginners are more interesting in speaking English in their everyday life,

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