Argumentative Essay On Environmental Pollution

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A weak emphasis on environmental education (EE) has taken a toll on the global perspective of pollution; worldwide, the majority of people view pollution through a lens of misconceptions and perceive the problem with minimal gravity. Pollution is a never-ending cycle of destruction yet is continuously set as a triviality. Whether it be the lack of potable water or an overall increase in mortality rates due to toxic chemicals, pollution has not only affected the environment but holds a persistent threat to life. “1.1 billion people lack access to water and 2.4 billion don’t have adequate sanitation, putting them at risk of contracting deadly diseases”(“Tackling Threats”). Pollution nonetheless constitutes other pressing matters such as climate change, weather deficiencies, and the decrease in biodiversity.…show more content…
“Warming...since 1980 has increased sea surface temperatures 0.3 degrees Celsius, which should increase the maximum potential wind speed of hurricanes by 1 knot” (“The Impact of Climate Change”). Despite current efforts practiced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the banning of pesticides such as DDT and the clearing of toxic waste, true reforms are only possible through awareness and knowledge. “About 80% of Americans are heavily influenced by incorrect or outdated environmental myths” (“Understanding Environmental Literacy”). Global environmental education inefficiently establishes an understanding of the dangers of pollution due to the lack of environmental literacy, thus leading to the creation of long term educational efforts as means to initiate environmental improvements from the ground

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