Argumentative Essay On Euthanasia

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What is the essence of life? Some may claim that it is to live a long one. But I’ve heard legends of one great warrior who chose to live a short life full of glory than that of a long life of obscurity. Truly, his wish was granted. However, reality for us, humans start to seep in. Unfortunately, we cannot choose our fate and terminally ill patients share the same predicament. These individuals experience immeasurable pain battling for their lives with no hope. Literally, they are listening to the tick of the clock until their time. Despite the moral conflict of permitting mercy killing, euthanasia provides a multitude of benefits such as, alleviating the pain of terminally-ill patients, cutting the expenditure of struggling families, and letting individuals practice their freewill and judgment. The first chapter of the Bible states the importance and sanctity of life. It is to be valued and nourished not only for one’s holistic development, but also to be a helping hand to others. Because of this, euthanasia remains illegal in most countries because of its repercussions. Statistics show that 38.6 percent of terminally ill patients committing suicide in Oregon have expressed concern about being a "burden" on others. With this being said, permitting euthanasia creates a mindset that others’ lives are more worthless. It promotes a sense of hopelessness for the patient and will eventually lead to voluntary euthanasia. Additionally, it hinders doctors and researchers from

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