Argumentative Essay On Euthanasia

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According to Paul Keating “Euthanasia is a Threshold Moment We Should Not Cross” from The Sydney Morning Herald, euthanasia is a negative form of treatment for patients with terminal illnesses and has negative effects on other aspects of society. Multiple studies are referenced and examples are given to support the authors claim that euthanasia is wrong and should be avoided. The use of euthanasia is related to assisted suicide or the intentional killing of a patient by physicians. The author also discusses the idea of safeguards that are said to be put in place to protect the patient from any consequences other than to put them out of their pain and misery. Keating debates that these ideas of ‘safeguards’ will not help due to the human error involved with physicians, or family members making these decisions for the ill. The alternative for euthanizing the terminally ill is placed forward in the article, it is an increase in palliative care for the patients. Palliative care is specialized treatment for those with terminal illnesses. This care allows the patient to feel more comfortable and at ease while they count down their last minutes until their final breath. The main idea of this article is that euthanasia is not a reasonable answer for terminal illnesses and we should focus on palliative care being more available and helpful for the patient (Keating). In Keating’s situation, the Australian parliament is considering the passing of a bill that allows the use of

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