Argumentative Essay On Euthanasia

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“Unplug the machines!” and Patrick Matheny has died. He was a 43 years old man, who had a chronic disease which is terminal cancer, and because the only person who takes care of him “his brother in law” was tired, and could not look after him anymore, he decided to unplug the machines and end the life of Patrick. (Wisconsin Right to Life, 1999). This story is an example of one way to deal with chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are diseases of long duration and generally slow progression. Such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes. By far they are the leading causes of mortality in the world. (World Health Organization, 2011). At the last period, chronic diseases have spread widely all over the world. More than 125 million Americans have at least one chronic illness. (White, 2013). Doctors deal with these diseases according to their riskiness. Some diseases can be less harmful than others that may make you stay hospitalized forever. Most people who get hospitalized live on machines. They are mentally dead, but their heart and other organs are working by the help of the machines. That means if you unplug the machines they are going to die! And here comes the concept of euthanasia. In this research I am going to undertake three main points about euthanasia, which are: what is euthanasia, the reasons of euthanasia, and the effects of euthanasia. First, euthanasia is a Greek word, which means good death, and

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