Argumentative Essay On Everyday National Parks

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Do you know that everyday national parks are being damaged greatly? If you like to go to parks or national parks it then you will agree with me when you see that the earth is being changed everyday. Due to over visitation the parks are being mistreated. For example The Grand Canyon is one that is affected a lot more then it should be with pilots flying over it, having dirt bike riders going on the mountain range, also having people in here boats. This is exposing the park to so much more bad pollution then there already is. In the smoky mountains there is a lot of bad air pollution because of power plants and industrial emissions are blowing bad air to the park and because of it there is wildlife that is being affected more than it should be. A lot of things are changing from air pollution, climate change, water issues, and foreign invaders that want to take things from the park not knowing if it will affect it or not. National parks are sites that should be protected.

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