Argumentative Essay On Evolution Vs Evolution

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There is a big argument among the world discussing the issue of evolution verses creation. The evolutionists believe that everything has evolved from similar ancestors, and over time they changed into the different species we have today. Creationists believe that everything that is on the earth was put here by a higher being that put all of the complexity and variation of the animals that are here today. I believe that everything that on the earth today was created by an intelligent being because evolution is just a theory, evolution is no longer happening, and it is unscientific based on the scientific method. Science says that in order for something to be a fact it needs to have many accounts of observable and repeating evidence that supports…show more content…
At the places that people believe that evolution is happening it is often times just an adaptation of an animal to fit its environment better. These things are occurrences that have been observed by people and have been recorded, but evolution is a very large change in an animal over millions of years. No one has observed evolution because what is thought to be evolution is just an adaptation to live better in an animal’s surroundings. The only way for something to be a fact is for it to be observed and then tested to make sure it can be repeated multiple times. Scientists cannot recreate evolution, therefore, it can only be a theory and can only be trusted if a person has faith that it is true. If evolution was a true event that happened, there should be many transitional species today that scientists could study. Today scientists don’t have any live animals that are thought to be a transitional species that is going to evolve into something else. With similar species thought to come from a common ancestor, all traits of one of the species should be found in the other species in about the same area. There are many cases where two species have many things in common, but the two species also have some very distinct characteristics that are unbridgeable between the two. This means that there had to have been different ancestors that had things about them that kept them from having a common
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