Argumentative Essay On Fad Diets

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Fad Diets: Which diet can be considered fad? What are the consequences of sticking to a fad diet? Should you try a fad diet? Why people are choosing fad diets? Should authorities ban all the fad diets?
Fad diets continue to stay a mainstream tool for losing weight, despite their side effects and little to no results in the long run. Their popularity stems from the widely spread belief that if you limit or completely avoid certain foods, you will be able to slim down fast. For instance, there are high-protein, low-fat, low-carb, liquid, grapefruit diets, etc. Due to popularity of Internet blogs, social networks and Youtube nowadays fad diets continue to attract a lot of followers, as they promise marvelous results in a short amount of time. In my opinion, one should raise awareness of the potential negative outcomes and harmful side-effects of these diets. For instance, the most vivid repercussion of such a diet is the lack of essential macronutrients that one 's body requires: protein, fats and carbs, which will result in immunosuppression and will have gloomy effects on the overall wellbeing. If more and more people are aware of the clinically backed-up evidence that fad diets can actually cause more harm than good, they will be able to evaluate the pros and cons and make better choices.
Claessens et al. (2009) examined advantages and disadvantages of low fat, high carbohydrate 9CHO) diet versus low fat, high protein diet. Since recommended USDA daily intake 9RDI) of

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