Argumentative Essay On Fake Friends

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In today’s world, the technology has allowed people to have virtual friends easily at the palm of their hands. However, I strongly believe that online friends are false friends as they are not friendships that are based on the traditional procedure and manner. There are so many dangerous effects to having friends from the internet. For instance, its not does not have physical interaction or face-to-face communication, fake accounts and scams are most likely to occur and the danger that online dating brings. There are no physical interaction involved hence, the emotion or the genuinity of the conversation may be fake. Plus, with just written words being sent back and forth there are no facial expressions involved so, you can’t exactly interpret what the other party is portraying accurately. Hence, miscommunication may occur because there is no face-to-face interaction and this scenario could jeopardize a friendship or the message that is being delivered. “The number of “inboxes” we possess is staggering: Email (3 accounts for me), public Twitter, Twitter DM, public Facebook, Facebook messages, Facebook chat, Linkedin messages, public Google +, Google + messages, blog comments, Skype, text messages, Instagram, phone, voice mail, and several topically or geographically specific forums,…show more content…
Like for instance, Facebook has given an opportunity for the users to make friends from all over the globe by exposing them to people from various part of the world. In a way, it makes it so much simpler for people to make friends not only locally, but also globally. Moreover, by making friends with people who are not exposed to the same thing that one is exposed to, can broaden one’s mind. One can open up his or her mind by being taught new things and in a way, making one more knowledgeable. Hence, a good relationship can be developed with these

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