Argumentative Essay On Fake News and Misinformation

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In our increasingly interconnected society, information could spread from one end of the world to the other in a matter of seconds, via the internet. The importance of accurate and unbiased information could not be overstated. The uncovering of the recent phenomenon - fake news - has caught the attention of many governments and organisations across the globe. Fake news is either news, stories or hoaxes that are created to spread misinformation with the sole purpose of deceiving readers in order to accomplish the author 's agenda (Hunt, 2016). The perpetuation of this fake news problem has created anxiety among politicians in free democratic societies. One example of fake news is in Canada where Nick Kouvalis, who was helping Kellie Leitch as the manager for the Conservative Leadership Campaign during 2017, posted fake news on Twitter regarding the Canadian government (Patriquin, 2017). This essay will examine how posting fake news can influence people thoughts, views, and perceptions without repercussions which will lead to people losing trust and reputation being tarnished towards the government in Canada. This essay will also assess one of the solutions that is implemented by Canada to collaborate with social media giants and utilise their anti-fake news tools and provide an alternative solution which is implemented by other countries that could be adopted by Canada to tackle the problem of fake news in the country. The problem here is that Nick Kouvalis is posting fake

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