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Gensley Dumond
Professor Canino
Argument essay
October 13, 2015 Family Guy has been mostly been based on American cultures. For the people who do not often watch the series, would say that the cartoon takes pleasure in humorous settings just for the fun of it. Stuart Elliot clamed “family guy purposely offend just about every group of people you could name” (Peacocke 300). Antonia Peacocke has made several observations towards the shows content. She use to oppose family guy for the brand of humor the program sent to the viewers. Now she is very fond to the show.
Antonia Peacocke states in her article how the Family Guy pushes the limit of some episodes in the series. She stated that some jokes are funny and acceptable for the viewers while others are strictly insulting, and inappropriate. Family Guy has been on national television for a while now but unfortunately had come across some issues with being very offensive to some viewer and “was cancelled, not once but twice” (Peacocke 300). Peacocke admits the show was very bold for her liking at first but as the show’s popularity grew, her whole family was very involved with the show she could not refuse to watch it.
There have been several episodes of Family Guy that have been misunderstood by many, and it’s caused the show to be cancelled twice (258). Viewers fought back against the cancellations and the program was brought back with a vengeance. Despite its questionable delivery, one fact remains
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She objects to his statement saying “entertainment seeking a mass audience is ratcheting up the violence, sexuality, and degradation, becoming increasingly coarse and trying to be…shocking in an unshockable society (308). She believes that the Family Guy humor is intelligent and that the “coarse” scenes have hidden

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