Argumentative Essay On Feed The Future

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The United States fully supports the United Nations’ views toward food security and agriculture development. In 2013, 17.5 million households were food insecure. The US is a significant investor for this issue for not only its own citizens but also for those around the world. The United States has many plans to lift itself and other countries out of this issue with new technology and strategies. Previously, the United States created a program called “Feed the Future”, which is helping unlock agriculture 's potential to solve hunger. In 2014, Feed the Future and its partners helped 7 million smallholder farmers get access to improved tools and technologies to improve their income and food quality. It also reached more than 12 million children to improve their nutrition. In 2011, households with children reported a significantly higher food insecurity…show more content…
At the G-8 meeting in 2009, it was realized that agriculture is two times as effective at reducing poverty as other industries. That meeting also created $22 billion of investments for agricultural development and food security. Obama created the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition which is a private sector for investments toward African Agriculture, 70 local and global companies invested around $3.75 billion. Although, many obstacles are presenting themselves which are creating some of our goals farther and farther out of reach. With a population expected to be reaching the 9 million mark in 2050, the current food production needs to double to be able to feed all. The US is trying to give farmers all the resources and tech they need. The United States is going to be developing sustainable agriculture strategies, so farmers can feed their communities without draining their natural resources. In addition, the US wants to help people around the world. There is a goal to lift 50 million people located in Sub-Saharan Africa out of poverty by
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