Argumentative Essay On Female Soldiers

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Do you know that the number of female soldiers has increased approximately 20% by the middle of the 20th century? Women are joining military services today more than ever. They have diverse reasons and purposes to serve in the army. Undoubtedly, women come across with considerable hardships, which may influence their lives negatively. Most women suffer from inconveniences both during serving and after demobilization or discrimination which includes sexual assault and gender diversity. Women who serve in army confront with many obstacles which are challenging, yet impossible to overcome. First of all, female veterans cannot find any jobs or places to live after demobilization in the United States of America. Most of them live in a transitional…show more content…
Discrimination may include two categories which are gender diversity and sexual assault. Most females have been exposed bullying by their counterpart male colleagues or superiors. Most men still think that being a soldier is not a proper occupation for a female. Women serve under tough circumstances because of gender discrimination which is ethically inappropriate. Female soldiers are underestimated because of physical and mental differences with males. Kayla Williams, the former sergeant in “Military Intelligence Company” shares her experiences about people’s attitude towards her a woman soldier (Huffington Post). She emphasises that people used to ask her if she was allowed to carry and shoot a gun while she was in Iraq war. Williams tries to explain that women can also combat, die, and be awarded in military. Moreover, one of the controversial issues that women come across with is sexual assault. Whereas military officials claim that just a few sexual assault acts are reported because of the fear of retribution, the estimated number is approximately 20.000. Thus, measures must be taken in order to eradicate the dramatic problems in military
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