Argumentative Essay On Feral Cats

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In Hawaii, feral cats are considered nuisances. Often, they wander into yards and areas they are unwanted, such as parks or yards. They hunt our natural wildlife, especially rare species of native Hawaiian birds. Despite the harm they cause, feral cats are in danger themselves. Putting down these animals is inhumane, yet for the wildlife’s safety and the feral cats’ own, it is imperative for their populations to decline. In order to do so, the cats must be dealt with humanely.

There are over 100 million feral cats in the world, 60 million living in the U.S. These cats aren’t strays-- but they aren’t lost either. These cats were born away from human civilization, out into the wilderness. They can transmit diseases, and are unhealthier and have shorter lifespans than domesticated cats. Feral cats are able to hunt endangered wildlife, regardless of rarity as well. They are adapted to our ecosystem, and often are abused and harmed when spotted by locals. Feral cats often wander into our neighborhoods and urinate or defecate into unwanted areas such as yards or parks. Feral cats can cause a multitude of problems for humans. But how do you know if a cat is feral or not?
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Should you encounter a feral cat, observe its behavior. Feral cats, unlike strays and house cats, are non-vocal. They do not meow, instead hissing when they feel threatened. Feral cats will not try to approach you, as they are not as comfortable with humans as strays can be. Feral cats are not as curious as their domesticated counterparts, fleeing when company is spotted. They prefer to hunt for themselves and usually do not rely on humans to feed them. Feral cats may have the tip of one of their ears missing, as this is a sign that they have been neutered and returned to the
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