Argumentative Essay On Fibroids

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Meta Description Suffering from fibroids? You don’t have to live with their troublesome symptoms and associated infertility. Our San Antonio fertility center offers fibroid surgery.
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Fibroid Surgery

Fibroid surgery helps patients find relief from the effects of fibroids

As experts in reproductive medicine, the physicians at Texas Fertility Center San Antonio know that nearly 75 percent of women will suffer from fibroids at some point in their life. While these growths of uterine muscle usually are not cancerous, they can cause troublesome symptoms for some women such as heavy menstrual cycles and pelvic pain as well as fertility issues. Patient don’t
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While some women with fibroids are able to get pregnant and give birth, others will require fibroid surgery in order to conceive and carry a child.

The physicians at our San Antonio fertility center recommend surgically removing a fibroid if its location or size could interfere with embryo implantation. Most uterine fibroids fall into this category. Before a patient undergoes surgery, fertility specialists will sometimes prescribe medications that block estrogen production. Since fibroids grow in response to estrogen, these medication often cause the growths to shrink, which can make surgery easier.

Our fertility specialists are reproductive surgeons who are trained in the latest surgical techniques

The two most common surgical procedures that are used to treat fibroids are hysteroscopy and laparoscopy or robotic surgery for myomectomy. The physicians at our San Antonio fertility center are training in both of these successful fibroid removal
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