Argument Paragraph For First Amendment Junky

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Argument Paragraph #1 for “First Amendment Junky” Some things are just better left unsaid, because the wrong words in the right hands will be unassailably distressing. So why even take the risk on not condoning censorship when we’ve all met that 1 person with loose lips that has said something deviously spiteful. To clarify, devious means showing a skillful use of underhanded tactics to achieve goals and spite means a desire to hurt, annoy or offend someone. The fact that these words, even exists makes me question those who question censorship. My sister told me a story last week on how her daughter’s school indulged in an activity to where the 5th graders made a mural on out of school current events and how it relates to their lives,…show more content…
Although, it seemed like a harmless activity my sister said that my niece came home asking “why do white people only want white friends”, and couldn’t explain why she asked her mom that, when my sister said, “Why would you say such a thing”? My sister took my niece to school the next day with the intentions of asking some of her own questions, and on her way to the principal’s office she saw a large recently posted collaged like mural in the middle of the hallway on display with images of white stick figures being on the good side of the wall that brown stick figures were building, images of white ppl kicking what was appeared to be Obama out of the white house, images of white people standing on black people with powerful stances, and flowers, and the globe, and video games, and everything else meaningful to their perception, evidently this legacy project wasn’t well thought out as it became more controversial as peoples’ attention got drawn to what was actually drawn on the mural. It took days for the principle to respond to the controversy behind the mural and when she did respond it was devastating that she said that her students were exercising their right to freedom of expression and
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