Argumentative Essay On Food Inc

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The documentary, Food Inc., takes a deeper look at the food industry and how it has changed over the years. The McDonald brothers played a huge part in changing the food industry forever. The brothers began to run their restaurant in a factory style. Each worker only had one specific job to do. Because the workers were assigned simple tasks, they were all paid a low wage and were easily replaced. The factory style restaurants had positive and negative sides. The positives were fast, good-tasting food. However, the negatives were much more prevalent. McDonalds became a chain restaurant that appeared all over the United States. The owners wanted their food to taste the same at all locations. This was achieved by purchasing all their meat and…show more content…
To keep up with the demand, these meat companies found ways to increase their production of meat. Large meat companies began injecting chickens with growth hormones and steroids, which caused the chickens to grow twice as big in half the amount of time. Not only are the chickens genetically modified, but they are also raised in factories with thousands of other chickens. These huge companies sacrificed the quality of their produce for quantity. The documentary filmmakers interviewed several farmers who raise chickens for Tyson Food. Interestingly, most of the farmers were directed by Tyson to deny any footage of the barns containing the chickens. One farmer did not uphold Tyson’s request and allowed the filmmakers to film the living conditions of the chickens. After seeing the conditions that these animals are raised in, it is understandable why Tyson did not want any footage to be released. The barns contained thousands of chickens crammed together in dirty, contaminated barns. These harsh living conditions caused hundreds of chickens to die daily. The food companies are careless about providing humane living conditions for the
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