Argumentative Essay On Food Stamps

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Food stamps are provided to help Americans who struggle with food insecurity. People that are not sure where there next meal is coming from are given help so they can get by in difficult times. Maine's Governor, Paul LePage has lobbied that food stamps should ban the purchasing of candy and sugary drinks. The purpose of food stamps is not violated by this restriction, candy and soda hardly count as a nutritious, filling meal. However this bill was shot down by the Federal Government, LePage's response was to threaten to scrap the food stamp program if these new regulations are not included. Many people on food stamps are also on Medicate. With people using their food stamps to by junk food that will increase their risk of diabetes and other diseases it makes sense to give guidelines as to what can be purchased. Food stamps should be given the guidelines Governor Paul LePage is suggesting. Health Care Reform The Patient Protection…show more content…
Jails are over crowded and the rearrest rate is at a staggering 76.6 percent. Our system is retributive, not restorative or reformative. The bottom line is punishing behavior isn't changing people. So how do we positively influence them? In Scandinavian countries they have discovered there is a direct correlation between education and crime. They have put their efforts into; building more schools and not more prisons, into creating opportunity and not more punishment. The rearrest rate in Norway is at 20 percent. In order to have a lasting change on the current crime rate we need to look beyond the behavior and into the individual. People are going into the criminal justice system and emerging unchanged. It is time to consider why and rethink the current methods of reforming behavior. This is a moment to look at systems producing results and begin to require results from the American Criminal Justice

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