Argumentative Essay On Foreign Aid

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There is a huge problem facing us today in America: the excessive amount of money the U.S. spends on foreign aid. The problem occurs when we send large amounts money overseas which leads the poorer classes of American people out to dry. This money could be used to help our children and our homeless across the country. We have 560,000 homeless people in America, while we send 41.2 billion dollars overseas (“State Data”). We are focusing on other nations people while our on people are going homeless. We need to be focusing on ourselves and using that money to end those problems and improve our education systems so the poorer classes of American’s can be better prepared for life. Excessive money spent on foreign aid is the biggest issue facing our generation because: The US being the good guys in every situation, Foreign aid being used while our on people struggle, and foreign aid could be used for something better such as homeland security.…show more content…
Reason being is that we would be bankrupting farmers for example because they can’t compete with the price of zero. The farmers would not be able to sell their goods to the people because the other people would not want to buy the farmers goods because they can get food for free with the foreign aid that's being sent over. Another reason why we shouldn’t send foreign aid is because it becomes tempting for governments to specifically screw over their own economies in return for large sums of foreign aid in return. There has been certain countries that have done this to their own country such as Egypt and Sudan. These countries thought it would be better to destroy their own economy instead of actually working for themselves and becoming a better country on it’s own. Instead of reward failure we need reward a country not for being that bad but getting better and not just because they switch to the same government as the United
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