Argumentative Essay On Foster Care

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There has always been a way for children to be cared for in the United States. In the early 1800s orphan asylums were the most popular way for homeless children to be taken care of. Then institutional care came around, where children were taught to grow up as quickly as possible. Placing-out was then created in the 1850s to use instead of the institutions. This form of foster care sent children to the western states to live in rural homes. Soon after, child placement became favored over placing-out. This was where private agencies started making payments to families to foster the kids nearby. “Over the course of the twentieth century, boarding out developed into the modem family foster care system”(Hasci 162). This made it so special needs…show more content…
Studies have shown that thirty percent of children in foster care remain in care for more than two years. The longer children stay in care the more placements they are likely to experience. More than half the children who enter the foster care system will be moved to a different home in their first six months. It is also found that children care for more than two years will experience about three different placements. Nearly all of the moves have nothing to do with bettering the well being of the child. Many of the placements are done to carry out the systems policies and other placements are done if foster parents don’t meet the child needs. Children are less likely to be moved many times if a foster family is prepared to meet the child 's challenging needs. The foster care system is also in need of more social workers that will ensure that the child is placed in a good family so that they are not moved several times. Plenty of placements are also done if the child is initially placed in short-term care but needs to be moved to long term. However, the more changes a child experiences decreases the chance of them returning home or being adopted. There are many children that are stuck in the foster care system because they do not have a biological family or an adoptive

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