Argumentative Essay On Foster Family

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Texas does not require employers to provide family leave, but if they do it has to apply foster families. It is important for newly parents to bond with their child as in biological or adoptive child-parent bond. FMLA recognizes a “son or daughter” as any child under adult parental obligations. This new Texas law does not require employers to provide family leave, but to provide same family leave to foster parents if family leave is offered. This law recognizes the various relationships within the families, but with legal measures. A child must legally be under adult parental obligation. Recognizes that foster parents have the same obligations to their children as any other family. By allowing foster parents to also have family leave creates balance within the family. Foster parents do not face difficult decisions on losing their jobs because of family unforeseen events that may arise. This law balances the change family goes through receiving a child into their family by validating family functions and responsibility.…show more content…
Today’s family forms are changing and will continue changing throughout time. It is important to update previous laws that keep up with the changing family forms for equal rights. It recognizes foster parent’s responsibility to be involved and care for children in a changing environment. This law tackles the issue of foster parents taking time off for family circumstances without fear of losing jobs. When a foster child is placed on a new environment it takes time and commitment for parents to make the process run smoothly. Foster parents have the same responsibly as any other parental figure to bond with their
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