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The earliest record of children being placed in foster homes dates back as far as the bible. In 1562, the English poor law, allow children to be placed into indentured services until they were old enough to take responsible care for themselves (1). In 1853, Charles Loring Brace began the free foster home movement (1), to help immigrant children that were sleeping in the streets of New York. During the early 1900s agencies began keeping better records; making sure children s individual records were considered when they got placed with foster parents (1). Foster care was implemented so that kids without parents or a bad sense of living got a new start with a family and they would be able to live a healthy life. While this does sound like a good idea on paper, recent studies have shown that even if they are getting a new life with a new family, they may not live such a healthy life during or even after they entered foster care. In the United States, over 400,00 children are in the foster care system for a better living (4). Of these 400,000 children, 46 percent of them are living…show more content…
This is a major statistic because it can influence the child’s life. If the parents aren’t discipline enough then the children feel like they can do whatever they want and this could affect their lives forever. Discipline has to be in the foster homes for the children so they can grow up and live a good life. It discipline was not established before the child went into the foster care system then it could be hard for the new foster parents to establish discipline as the child will not understand what they can and cannot do and will just live the life anyway they want. If they do not finish high school, it will put them in a bad situation that is not needed and they will be around criminal behavior forever as they are at a decrease advantage for a good job without having completed high

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