Argumentative Essay On Franklin College

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There 's always the one question in life that gets asked, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Even when students or adults are all grown up they still ask that question. The thing is, they will always question themselves, they will question themselves until they believe they accomplished their goals.

Furthermore, finding a college without a certain career in mind is difficult. Even if someone does have their mind set on a career it’s still challenging, because they don 't know if that college is best for them. I have been looking into Franklin College; it’s located in Franklin, Indiana. It’s a four year program and a liberal arts school. (“Franklin College | Liberal Arts School In Franklin, Indiana”). Franklin states themselves
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Housing costs around $4,680 for on-campus housing. Franklin students would have to pay an extra $3,330 for meals. Room assignments are usually made in the order of the housing applications were submitted. All new students will be placed in the Elsey, Hoover, or Cline Hall. For continuing students room selections take place every spring semester. Room selections are based on class standings and lottery number. Off-campus housing would initially cost around $7,500. With other living expenses costing around $5,000. The total amount to live off-campus would be around $12,500 (“Franklin College | Liberal Arts School In Franklin, Indiana”).

Even though Franklin is expensive, student life at Franklin College is full of life. Franklin College is home to 5 national fraternities and 3 national sororities as well as a chapter of Omega. Currently, 44 percent of student life is a part of the sororities and fraternities. Franklin College students can also join the religious life. There are eight religious groups that students can join. (“Franklin College | Liberal Arts School In Franklin, Indiana”)

There is no particular reason why I chose Franklin College. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do when I get older. A part of the reason why I chose Franklin College is because it’s far from home but, it’s still in Indiana. Franklin has a variety of places to work at and it’s located in a suburban
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