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Our bodies are constantly being exposed to toxins and harmful chemicals in the air. Free radicals abound in large numbers and create havoc with our health and the immune system. If we ensure that we take sufficient antioxidant supplements, herbs and vitamins, we will be able to fight these harmful elements. It is possible to lead a long and healthy life by taking precautions to guard against this onslaught. We should be able to safely say that we are doing the best we can to make sure that our bodies are guarded and protected with natural supplements to keep it healthy. Taking antioxidant supplements help you fight many diseases and free radicals naturally. They work positively to reduce the harmful onslaught of free radicals that constantly try to work their way into the system. Research on the subject by the medical fraternity indicates that these free radicals can cause very serious problems that are detrimental to health. By taking antioxidant supplements, you will be able to provide building blocks, with the oral enzymes that will counteract the harmful effects and stop them in their track. Zinc, copper and magnesium are minerals that work…show more content…
There are concrete evidences of the effects of antioxidants for preventing cancer along with other tests conducted with the studies of animals and cell culturing. The molecules that are electrically charged, otherwise referred to as free radicals, tend to remove the electrons from the molecules that work to improve cell functioning. To ensure that the free radicals leave the molecules undisturbed, the antioxidants donate electrical charge to neutralize them, so that the free radicals are prevented from removing electrons, or damaging them. People, who ate sufficient quantities of vegetables and fruits, were able to stave the onset of cancer, thus proving that antioxidants worked effectively to prevent the risk of contracting

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