Argumentative Essay On Freedom Of Speech

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Freedom of Speech
Freedom of speech is the freedom all people have, to express what they consider and express any opinions. It is an ability to express our opinions freely without being punished or censored. All people throughout the world are entitled and must have right to freedom of speech. However, how much do we know about freedom of speech: when did it occur? Does every countries have it? Is there negative and positive sides?
The belief in the right to free speech is older than we believe it is. It actually goes back to the ancient Greeks (Antiquity). In reality, many ancient cultures believed in the right to free speech, such as the ancient romans. This is what we believe how it occurred, but we do not know for sure.
The restrictions
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The fact that one has the right to say and believe is the foundation for democracy to function. If no one dared to say their opinions, then it had become a dictatorship where only one opinion on how society and the country should work had been the “right”. If people dared to express their opinions, they will help improving the society one lives. Freedom of speech gives one the responsibility to consider what fits into different contexts, and it will make us better persons and people. Simply, people will feel safe in the society they live in.
Negative: There are also negative sides when it comes to freedom of speech. Then the word “abuse” comes in. Some people use internet to abuse freedom of speech, anonymously. One could write everything one would without begin identified. This has led to serious discussion. Today, everyone has to identify themselves before writing something in several websites. This will increase safety/security in begin in internet.

However, there are limits to what we are allowed to say. We can’t misuse the freedom of speech, saying words that can cause serious harm (bullying). This form of speech will cause depression, suicide, and stunted social development. When freedom of speech hurts others, then it is not just an opinion anymore; it is a form of hate
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