Argumentative Essay On Freedom Riders

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“During the 1947 action, African-American and white bus riders tested the 1946 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Morgan v. Virginia that segregated bus seating was unconstitutional. The 1961 Freedom Rides sought to test a 1960 decision by the Supreme Court in Boynton v. Virginia that segregation of interstate transportation facilities, including bus terminals, was unconstitutional as well (History.)” Freedom riders, viewed as a group of rebels who didn't follow society by advocating for equality of African Americans. Nowadays, when the Civil Rights Movement is mentioned, people automatically think Martin Luther King Jr., but who most people didn't know, were the Freedom Riders. A group of African and Caucasian males and females came together and…show more content…
In the movie/speech, she talks about how when she had ridden the bus to go south, people would hate on them and talk bad about them. Even their own family would talk and tell them that they’re crazy because of how out of the norm it was. In her story, she talked about a prison in Mississippi that was considered the worst prison, and the reason they had went there was because they were going against the law by integrating races and joining forces. Years later, the movie being presented shows Joan visiting years later, and even though it was a tough time in prison, she still pokes jokes during the trip and you can tell by the expression on her face, that it brings back terrible memories yet she would do it all over again if she could. During the presentation, she also mentioned that when she would eat at a diner with someone of different color, people would bash on them by calling them names and dumping stuff on them; this had happened to them quite a few times. Especially being a woman during this time and not having as many rights, she would receive disgusted looks and hate mail because in their eyes, women shouldn’t partake in such a movement. Again in the clip, it showed her reading the mail and she received a lot of nasty comments on how she’s stupid and crazy for
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