Argumentative Essay On Fruit Rogers

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I was on my couch, watching television as the show I was watching went to commercial break. A few commercials in there was one commercial where if you had a specific code on the inside of your box of Fruit Loops you could win the chance to meet Aaron Rodgers. Since Aaron Rodgers was my favorite NFL player I thought it might be a good idea to buy some boxes of that kind of cereal just to see if I would win, so I told my parents about the commercial I saw and said I could buy as many cereal boxes as I wanted as long as I ate all the cereal in each box. Hearing those words from my parents mouths sparked an idea in my head which was, what if I gave cereal to friends for them to eat in the morning, so I could go through cereal boxes faster than if I ate them all by myself. The next day it was saturday, so I asked my dad to drive me to the commissary located on Fort Belvoir, and as soon as I entered the store I got a cart and sprinted to the the cereal box section. There wasn 't a box of Fruit Loops in sight. Not a single box of Fruit Loops, notta, nothing. It was as if there was some mega storm, so everyone thought they should stock up on food. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I stared at the holes in the thin aluminum beige tinted shelves. The feelings of sadness soon dissipated and replaced with anger.…show more content…
When I said I bought it, I mean that I bought it all and the next day, Sunday, it came in the mail. I then hurried and dragged the boxes inside and knowing that everything is out there on amazon I decided to not eat the fruitloops, but to only check on the inside for the winning code and sure enough the first box I opened didn’t have the winning code, but hope wasn’t lost. I opened the next one, and the next, and the next and when I opened the last box… there it was, the winning
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