Argumentative Essay On Gay Marriage

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Homosexual marriage is not a new argumentative topic in our society. Nevertheless, there is still no consensus on the quarrel about this topic. Some people may argue that homosexual marriage is not acceptable because it violates religious ethics. Some people, however, think that they have freedom to choose who can accompany with them for their future. This essay examines both the positive and negative aspects of homosexual marriage on the society. Free marriage is a fundamental right. Like other heterosexuals, a homosexual is a citizen and has the same responsibilities, such as paying taxes. Thus, they should have the same rights. This is consistent with the principle of freedom and equality. Withholding civil marriage from homosexual couples violates a fundamental right: the right to marry the partner of one’s choice. According to the Article 12 of the European Convention on Human Rights, men and women have the rights to marry and found a family in their marriageable age. Legalising homosexual marriage in Hong Kong could allow the same-sex couples enjoy the same rights with the opposite-sex couples. Apart from providing fundamental right, legalisation could reduce the social discrimination. Although the existence of homosexuality in Hong Kong is an indisputable fact, the government is only taking the ostrich policy. A survey conducted by The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong indicates 50% of the respondents were bullied by the classmates due to their
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