Argumentative Essay On Gay Marriage

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The debate concerning gay marriage have existed for many years now. Many questions have been asked, very few have been answered. Nonetheless, the debate lively goes on creating rational debates and discussions as well as aggressive uproars. Through the years experts, scientists, politicians and ordinary citizens have uttered their opinion of the matter. One of those is American writer, socially conservative commentator and co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage Margaret Gallagher Srivastav, better known under the name Maggie Gallagher. Maggie Gallagher is an opponent of gay marriage and of the belief that “sex makes babies, society needs babies, children need mothers and fathers. ” Gallagher’s focus, as you can see from the previous quote, is the children. She fears that redefining marriage to include same-sex marriage may cause damage to the values of having both a mother and a father. Gallagher is against legalization of gay marriages, in order to achieve the greater good. Furthermore, she questions if such a vast social change to gratify a small population, is the right thing to do. Gallagher says that “stopping gay marriage is not victory, it is only a necessary step to the ultimate victory: the strengthening of a culture of marriage that successfully connects sex, love, children, and mothers and fathers. ” American author, journalist and activist Jonathan Rauch have since 1991 openly been a proponent of gay marriage. Rauch himself is gay and in
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