Gender Nonconformity And Gender Analysis

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The prevalence of the controversial topic of gender and sex has been increasing within society, therefore making it more essential to address. Through the process of exploration, it is necessary to acknowledge that individual's perceptions and behaviors that are judgmental to queers can make a detrimental effect to their quality of life. It is fundamental to realize that it is unrealistic to judge others based on their sex given at birth as it does not always convey the individuals full story of their identity, give an accurate representation of who they are, or indicate a choice they made. Individuals do not deserve to be oversimplified or predetermined, but rather their individuality should be embraced and accepted. An analysis of the development…show more content…
Their gender nonconformity is manifested with concepts of "danger, degeneracy, disorder, deception, disease, contagion, sexual predation, depravity, subversion, encroachment, treachery, and violence" (Ritchie, 23). Society connects those that don't abide by the norms to characteristics that are dehumanizing and insult their overall worth. These judgments obtain such a strong force that is deeply rooted in society, "The narratives it produces are so vivid, compelling, and entrenched that they are more properly characterized as archetypes- reoccurring, culturally ingrained representations that evoke, strong, often subterranean emotional associations or responses" (Ritchie, 25). The perception society holds of queers creates such potent emotions that then overpower and erase any logical thinking when regarding the group. These damaging narratives are reestablished through communication and specifically social media, as "they do not describe human beings; rather, they promote cold, terrifying abstractions that are stuff of cultural nightmare" (Ritchie, 25). The horrifying and deviance character that is portrayed to each member of this group, strips their integrity, human nature, and moral being. This, in turn, has damaging implications for the group; such as, astonishing power in influencing people's perception, including criminal judgment, ruling, and punishment. The controlling narratives that society obtains leaves queers with a predetermined outcome that shapes how society interprets their appearance and behavior, ignoring the reality of the situation and individual. The process of labeling queers with qualities on the basis of their sexuality, is an unrealistic
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