Gender Beauty Essay

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The discussion about gender beauty often leads us down many paths, we can discuss how women are mistreated, we can discuss how men don’t have to conform to the same ideals, we can discuss how misogoney has cast a large shadow on how we view beauty, or we can discuss how men are often left out of the conversation while they suffer in silence too, we can discuss the historical aspects of gender beauty, explore the philosophical reasons behind it, or research the biological motivation for such standards. But something we seldom investigate is how discussing gender beauty can easily lead to an adverse effect than the one we set out to achieve.

It is a phenomenon that we’ve all been guilty of, one that I, myself, am guilty of, even during this very report.. It’s the
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And if it is to rebel, then so be it..!!
Gender beauty is a topic that has been explored for centuries, and yet still needs exploring, it is a subject that no amount of work will ever do it justice, it is a subject that has many roots, exploring these roots and understanding them is crucial to successfully get over one of the biggest obstacles that has been dividing society since humans started gathering around in communities.

History teaches us about the intricate ways gender beauty changes, what was once acceptable for men is now ridiculed, and could be tomorrow’s fashion, what women obeyed once, is now absurd. We should learn from what history shows us about this divide that is embedded in the psychology of each of us, about the rift between men and women, what we accept as the norm, is merely a fabrication of a mind desperate to be attracted to something different, or a biological response, hardwired in our genetics, or just a social knee-jerk reaction to an

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