Argumentative Essay On Gender Stereotypes

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Gender stereotypes ingrained
For many decades, humanity worked hard to reduce the percentage of discrimination, inequality, segregation, marginalization and slavery, in order to create a better life for the humanity, and to protect the vulnerable and oppressed ones. Nowadays, in the 21st century, it is the era in which all people from different classes and genders are equal according to rules and laws. Despite the presence of all these rules and laws, some aspects of inequality still exist like gender stereotypes; Muffit (2013) in his article stated that “gender stereotypes are attached to children from a startlingly young age”. Gender stereotypes is defined as an over-generalization about each gender roles and attributes in life and society. As an example, women say that men only watch sports. The origin of this stereotype is a controversy. Some researchers that support the nature theory state that gender stereotypes is innate; genetics and natural influences are responsible for gender stereotypes. Conversely, researchers that support the nurture theory, declare that gender stereotypes are ingrained; it is fixed by the person’s surrounding and his interactions with
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Parents influence gender stereotypes learning by differing in reinforcing or discouraging certain attitudes especially during childhood. Researchers found that each of the parents differ in the way of interacting with the child (Moskowitz, 2010). Moskowitz (2010) also stated that researchers found that mothers differ from fathers by encouraging collaborative play with the child, whereas the father is more strict and formal. The child at a young age can also sense the interaction of his parents with him. This way of interaction can implant in children’s mind the future male and female role; the male is more assertive so he takes the protective role, and the female is the sensitive

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