Genetic Testing Research Paper

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Genetic testing is medical tests performed by every man and woman who’s premarital, and this to make sure that there is no genetic disease like Down Syndrome, Thalassemia, so these genetic diseases can be transmitted to sons. Parents should do the test to protect their children, and to have children in a good health not infected. Moreover, the test includes: medical history of the two families, and clinical, laboratory test for each of the betrothed. A factor that contributes to the spread of genetic diseases are inbreeding without checking, parents carry the genetic factors (genes) abnormal, and the existence of common genetic blood diseases between any couple- whether- close or far away. According to study in Kuwait, over 89% of people, couples…show more content…
Many families living in a state of depression, because of their children, and what people talk about them. View compassion and sadness on children’s non-natural difficult for them more than their condition (Patrick). Moreover, families felt guilty because they gave birth to a child with defects, and they cannot save them. Furthermore, their genetic diseases children will also develop other illnesses such as: Autism, schizophrenia, and depression. Schizophrenia, often it falls under genetic disease, but there are also environmental factors than can cause this disease, it has been found that life factors possible increase in the infection rate for schizophrenia personality, and autism disease (Progress in Neurobiology, 2011). So genetic test saves those children from receiving a difficult and tough life. The victim(children) are having difficulty living with the community makes them feel that they are different from normal kids, thus their condition to severe foil. This also raises the fear, anxiety and guilt felt by the mother and the family of the most important sources of psychological…show more content…
Genetic test protects our children and the next generation from disease and suffering. In other words, generation of non-diseases and psychological pressure, much stronger than generation suffering from disease. Because it will be a generation unable to production, work, and community development. All couples should do the genetic test before marriage to get healthy kids, and life filled with happiness and
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