Gifted Students

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By 'gifted ', we usually refer to people with high Intelligence Quotient (IQ). To define the term more specifically, the Education Commission Report No.4 published in 1990 set out the factors for assessing whether a student is considered gifted. 'Gifted children ' are those who show exceptionally achievement or potential in one or more of the factors. Over the years, several thousand students coming from different places have been nominated as gifted. The report also mentioned that 20000 students aged 6-18 in Hong Kong were gifted. Up til now, we still not able to find any syllabus or schools designed specifically to meet the needs of profoundly gifted students. Parents of the highly gifted were hoping to have appropriate educational environment…show more content…
If there are schools erected for the gifted children,whether the students will have childhood pleasantness inside the schools is quite controversial as the schools are probably make them focus on their academic matter, their achievements. Students may just keep studying, spend most of their time on academic stuff in order to live up to the expectation of the society. They may be bombarded with expectations from many sources : family and school, peers and the media, even their own. These expectations may not always aligned with each other and too high expectations on them may be lead to depression and psychosis. The uncertainty about future and expectations may lead to stress,unhappiness and anxiety on them. Hooper(2012) points out that children positive energy and curiosity seems to drain away, becoming restless, unhappy and uneasy if they are forced to focus on one thing repeatedly and unhappily. In such case, students may often feel sad since happiness and excitement can hardly be found. Besides, as childhood happiness and adult happiness are correlated (Freeman, Templer and Hill ,1999), when a child with little childhood happiness grown up, he or she may suffer from emotional diseases due to long time duration of despondency. From the comprehensive point of view, it can be argued that,as a student, being labeled as a tip-top talent in a society, he or she may feel nervous and live in scare all the time. This may affect his or her future a lot because happiness in student stage was replaced by nervousness and scary. Erecting separate schools for the gifted ,therefore, may not provide our pillars of the future with a pleasant
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