Argumentative Essay On Gifted Learners

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Introduction 5 space indent. Gifted Learner are often underrepresented. Being deemed high performers; gifted children are capable of intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership, and other specific academic fields, and may require extenuating resources other than services offered by their school. The characteristics of high achievers and gifted students are also often misconstrued. High achievers are very similar to that of a gifted student as it relates to the cognitive aspect of learning. While they exhibit less interest for certain topics than other students, they seem to master concepts at a faster pace than others and sometimes at a higher percentile. Gifted students may appear to be self -directed in the sense that they take initiative to complete task with their peers. This can sometimes have a positive influence on other students due to the overly complex/abstract thoughts of the gifted child. The curiosity and self-motivation sets the gifted learner apart from high achievers. Problem Statement This thesis examined and analyzed the qualitative…show more content…
On estimate, there are 3.2 million students in public schools that are in programs designed for gifted learners (Susannah, 2010). The participation and inclusion of the gifted learners’ programs differ across the states and depends on the demographic groupings that define the learners. Over the years, education of those learners have received increased attention and recognition across the United States (Duygu & Tugba, 2017). Enrichment is a key factor in the education of gifted learners. Enrichment is the aspect of inclusion into the curriculum programs that enable gifted learners to identify, expound and make use of their special gifts and talents. This research seeks to understand the misconceptions that involve the identification of gifted learners and the social impact that they have on the education

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