What Is The Cause And Effect Of Gm Food Essay

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Ever since genetically modified (GM) food was introduced in 1996, many people still do not know what is a GM food. Some scientists and biotech companies suggest that GM foods are safe. However, many countries do not consider GM food safe for consumption and have implemented restrictions on the production and sale of GM foods. Some countries laws require them to indicate the use of GM ingredients if it was used to make the food. GM foods are genetically modified food using biotechnology where a foreign gene is inserted into the DNA of the plant. This made them grow faster and create a resistant against disease, thereby increasing crop yield, lower cost of production and reduce the use of pesticides which improve farming efficiency. They look the same, smell the same and taste the same. Because they are genetically modified, they can be grown in any season. For Instance, GM strawberries (Blue Strawberries) are able to grow during the cold season. However, regular strawberries can only be grown in warm season. This benefited the producer as well as the consumers as strawberries are easily available hence, the price of the strawberries is cheaper. And so, this essay will explicate the causes and effects of GM food.…show more content…
However, many people are unaware of the effect of GM food and do not seem to be concern about GM food. The most common GM foods are corn, soybean and sugar beets. About 80% of the processed food in the US contains GM ingredient. Most of them have been altered cosmetically and the nutrition content of the food. Usually, they are to able resist frost with antifreeze genes from a cold-water fish to increase their shelf life, they have also been altered to resist pests and weeds. The uses of GM ingredients are commonly found in our food, for example, GM soybeans are used to make soy milk, tofu and many food products and these foods are easily available in our

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