God Does Not Exist Essay

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God is dead
If God truly exists, then He should have prevented the holocaust, and since He failed to prevent it, then it means that He might not exist or He changed in some way. The Jews were made to understand that they are on their own and that they should be in this world for themselves. This approach precisely means that the holocaust presented and opportunity for the Jews to reconsider going back to their practices of atheism.
It is normal that many people responded to the horrific event of the holocaust with unbelief. I has been argued that human life is neither purposeful nor is it planned. Moreover the defenders of this argument maintain that divine will does not exist and neither does the world reflect any divine concern. Humanity
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But it is important to note that the book of job presents us the best way of accounting and understanding the holocaust. His suffering is not mainly caused by his sinful nature but somewhat by his righteousness. The suffering ends in a happy note because job was compensated for being faithful to God by receiving double blessings. Though God did not give any answer to job’s questions he preserved his life but still his wife and family died even when it was not their fault. This shows that God has long term good plans even in the face of evil. He allows it to happen for the goodness to reign. Therefore the holocaust had long term good plans of God for the children of Israel and that can be attributed to the creation of the nation of Israel after the Second World War. This truly demonstrates how God finally revealed Himself to the Jews even if He did not provide the answers to the questions of the holocaust. This should at least enable Christians and the Jews to believe that God is not dead, He still exists, and He is omnipotent and a wholly good God. As a result they have a reason to trust in Him even if they don’t understand His
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