Golf Crisis Essay

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Financial meltdowns are affecting almost all of us how often will each of us go through a ‘crisis’ in our lifetime?” The answer is: many times. We need to have effective ways of thriving even during the tougher times we need solutions and practical day-to-day tools to help us sail thru the crisis which cannot be not negativity, whining and complaining,.
As the turmoil in the economy and financial markets continues, golf teaches us to be calm, and patient to face this seemingly difficult situation, these real life experiences of the game help us to face reality when it knocks at our door, hence no doubt it is said the Many a corporate executives engage in this game for better business understanding.

Some of the basic life competencies that
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The road to your goal is or may not always be smooth and easy. There are bound to be varied obstacles like water hazards, sand bunkers and woods along the way which may frustrate you for a while in the game of life & golf, if you mess it once, there’s always another chance and opportunity that is provided for us to reach our goal, you need to be patient & calm.

“Golf is said to be a humbling game, but it is surprising how many people are either not aware of their weaknesses or else reckless of consequences.” says Bobby Jones

4. Acceptance: Golf is a great game for those who are young at heart and also physically and mentally agile to take on the pressure and stress, the game teaches us to accept the consequences of a poor shot, and yet move on. Like in life, sometimes you just have to take risks so also in the game of golf. If it works, then you can reap the benefits. If it doesn’t, then attribute it to inexperience or the lack of it, we still learn some lessons as; risks make life exciting and eventful. Not willing to take risk makes us very orthodox and can result in mediocre

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