Argumentative Essay On Good Grades

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Good Grades Argumentative Essay “Why do I have to try in school and do homework?” This is something you might hear from a student. Most adults would reply, “Because it is your job and responsibility.” If it is a student’s job to go to school, shouldn’t schools pay students for doing their job correctly? If schools really want to motivate students to do better, they should pay their students. If schools pay students, there will be many positive effects. Schools need to pay students for a reduction of gangs, improved attendance, and to teach students about budgeting and saving. To begin with, students should be paid for good grades for a reduced chance of students joining gangs. According to Richard Daley, mayor of Chicago, “Inner-city kids must also…show more content…
Claire Levison, member of the National CPA Financial Literary Commission, states “I don’t see anything wrong for paying for performance… as long as you’re using it as a teachable moment to tell them about budgeting and saving.” This means that paying students has other benefits for the students. You can motivate them and teach them about hot to budget and save. The effect of this is students handling money responsibly. This will benefit students in the future. To sum up, students must be paid for good grades to teach students about budgeting and saving. Some people say that students should not be paid for good grades because it causes issues. Another reason is that success is its own reward. The last reason being that people who receive pay for good grades have lower academic performances. The NEA article claims “...paying students for grades leads to practical problems in classes.” But undoubtedly, this can be challenged because even if it causes issues, many studies show improvement in students when paid for good grades. A study done by C.Kirabo Jackson found an 8% rise in college-bound students when paid for good
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