Argumentative Essay On Good Work

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Prior to the Reformation Era, the Church drowned itself with money from indulgences and power over the people and the State through excommunication, indictment, and inquisition. Martin Luther, a Franciscans monk, saw their erroneous way and wrote five essential solas to lead the Church towards the right path once again. Through two of Martin Luther’s solas, Sola Gratia and Sola Fide, numerous Christ followers abandoned the ideology of good work and believed that faith and His grace would guarantee their access to Heaven. Although it is true that good work is not going to save sinful human, neglecting good work is wrong. Not only does good work represents his or her faith, good work proves the existence of salvation and brings glory to Him. While having faith in God is necessary, doing good work is just as important because good works proves the existence of salvation. When God saves a person from their sins, that means that he or she is willing to put all of their wrong actions behind and reborn as a new person in Christ. If he or she still doing illegal actions, then their proclamations are not trustworthy. For example, in the movie 101 Dalmatians 2, Cruella De Vil announced that she had changed (meaning she will not produce any kind of animal-based clothes) after some psychological treatments. Despite of her statement, later on in the movie, she still wanted to skin the puppies to make a fancy dog-fur coat for her own enjoyment. This is the same idea; Good work is like
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