Argumentative Essay On Governmental Assistance

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I don 't know much about governmental assistance personally but I know someone in my family who is currently receiving assistance. This specific person is living on housing assistance, she has two children, cannot keep a stable job, and we can imagine whats probably next right? People that live in these situations generally grew up watching their parents live this way. Her mother seemed to have always lived in poverty. Living from paycheck to paycheck, two children, and her children 's father barely helped out when they were together. It is sad to say but it seems like the apple didn 't fall far from the tree. According to, Social Safety Net protects low-income Americans form poverty and hardship. The Social Safety Net is multiple services provided by the state the helps people not to fall in poverty. The services provided would be universal healthcare, unemployment, welfare, and a few more. These services are provided to basically keep citizens’ head above water when times get rough. A lot of people who are living in poverty depend of these services when unfortunate situations occur.…show more content…
Food stamps are also known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) . People who are on food stamps will receive a vision card to pay for their groceries. People who are elderly, unemployed, employees but have low income, and disabled people can receive food stamps. The state prefers vision card users to purchase healthy foods and there are a list of food items you can buy with them available. If more than one person lives in the home, the SNAP office will need to see everyones income so that a monthly payment can be made and thats how they determine if you are eligible. Food stamps work for people who actually need it. I have heard people feeling food stamps for half the price they are worth, for instance. If you have one-hundred dollars in food stamps people have been known to sell the food stamps for only fifty dollars
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