Argumentative Essay On Graffiti And Graffiti

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Surprisingly, even today, street art can still be perceived as vandalism. This misunderstood art form is a concept which is present in all of our daily life, acting as an inspiration to countless aspiring artists and brightening up the dismal world we live in today, with the ongoing wars and refugees fleeing to safety in an attempt to escape their nightmare. It is a method of self-expression used by many people. Every individual has their hobbies and interests. To some it is street art. To those on the opposing side, it should be emphasised that street art is not graffiti and graffiti is not street art. This creative ability should be praised and admired, instead it is often disdained. So is it right to simply equate the unique talented art…show more content…
For ages now, strain has been lingering and bubbling under the surface between the graffiti writers and street artists. The majority of passers-by merge and confuse one with the other. Unquestionably, there are notable distinctions between them. Most people that carry out graffiti are not coached or shown how to and are constructed mainly on words, usually names or foul language scribbled on the walls. Graffiti has arisen for teenagers as a way to express themselves. Typically, it is observed as self-centred as they use “tags” as a way to build up their own status. Conversely, street artists are predominantly those that have been professionally taught- their paintings will hold immense thought and a symbolic (hidden) meaning behind it, sometimes political. The prime difference, explained by Kate Murphy, an employee of Graff Tours is, “Street art is relatable, graffiti isn’t”. In contrast to the writers, most artists prefer to remain anonymous. These artists do not do what they do for money, fame or attention. Conventionally, it will be to express themselves and other times it will be to convey an important and thought-provoking message, for instance, the renowned Banksy. While graffiti would come under the term ‘vandalism’, street art should

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