Argumentative Essay On Graffiti

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Graffiti art, which is art that is meant graffiti or frescos. Since long time ago it was used as a way of communication between people where they draw on the stone walls in caves, but now Graffiti art is illegal at some countries, because it is impact on the view of the cities. Therefore, some graffiti artist paints randomly on the wall sometime. Graffiti art can help to make beautiful walls, and the other side may make an ugly scene. Graffiti 's not just drawing or writing on the wall. Graffiti has some advantages such as shearing idea, develop style and as a business
First of all, Graffiti is used to share ideas. For example, when you walk on any road you can see a lot of graffiti art painting on the wall. There are a lot of artist painting on the walls use graffiti as free expression to society, so you can see some hate and expression that indicate other meanings. According to Dummett, Hughes & Stephenson (2013), "a
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Where that graffiti art has become distinguishing between companies and has invested some artists as part of them. According to Werwath. T. (2006) “The use of graffiti in advertising is not an inherently bad idea. TIME magazine 's advertisement “. some companies investment and use talents of artist in ads . For example, they asked many artist drawing on the wall some commercial for their products. I think that is a new ads and unique way to advertise and may attract customers. Many artists are taking advantage of their talents so, some of them working what they love. For example, some of the artists working with some companies as a part-time work and this provide them with an additional source of many. On the other hand, cleaning wall it may be an chance to have a work. For example, some governments want to clean walls streets from those drawings for a sum of
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