Argumentative Essay On Graphic Violence

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People doesn 't seem to know what is graphic violence. Graphic violence is a type of violence in the field of media, but the media tend to overuse this and cause a lot of trouble all over the United States. Here are some samples of the artworks of media, but has extreme amount of violence. Saving Private Ryan, The Clockwork Orange, Only God Forgives, Fight Club, The Human Centipede, Planet Terror, Rambo and The Passion of the Christ, these are few famous films, but some of these films were banned in some countries, because of a lot of things: gore, blood, and violence. These are just some of the films that shows graphic violence in media, some graphic violence are shown in video games, Conker 's Bad Fur Day, Team Fortress 2, Gears of War,…show more content…
Even in music videos shows graphic violence: "Rock DJ" by the British rock vocalist Robbie Williams, "Hurricane" by the American rock band "Thirty Seconds to Mars", Happiness in Slavery" by the American industrial rock band "Nine Inch Nails". The cartoon animated series found in YouTube called "Happy Tree Friends" was banned in the internet because of one thing, VIOLENCE. There has been a heated argument in a lot of countries in which that the argument is about "does graphic violence lead to violence in reality". Many believe that graphic violence does lead to the real thing. What many want to do is does graphic violence lead to graphic violence or does it NOT lead to graphic violence so they try to do a research on it if the other side is true, or does it saying that false rumours. This research is in the significance of how does graphic violence affect the mind of a certain person. Understanding the number, there has been a rule in creating video games, if you exceeded the limit of your creation and too much violence, the only tip the expert could provide is to not exceed over the number or frequency of the violence that is showing on the video games you have just published to the world you are not only affecting teenagers, but also young toddlers are getting more violent by just playing video
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