Argumentative Essay On Groundhog Day

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A Change Adam awoke to his alarm’s increasingly annoying alarm clock. Last year, after a brief fascination with the movie Groundhog Day, he had set his alarm sound to the song of “I got You Babe” by Sonny and Cher, with the idea that it would be a great reminder of the blessing that each and every new day offers. However, as each day passed, and each day the same song kicked off (just as in the movie), he, more and more, began to see the repetition that existed in his own life. Of course, this song couldn’t possibly be the sole reason for the subtle apathy that had crept over Adam’s mood. And so, Adam continued going through the motions, allowing the same alarm song to commence each day of his seemingly pointless life. Every morning,…show more content…
First, he realized he didn’t even like bagels, furthermore he definitely didn’t like cream cheese Not to mention: Why was he drinking his coffee black? He didn’t even like it back! Why wouldn’t he just add a little cream or sugar? For these questions, Adam finally had an answer. He continued these routines for not his own enjoyment, but the safety of remaining in his comfort zone. Venturing out of the realm of black coffee felt scary and different. Adam’s thoughts began to race because for the first time, maybe, just maybe, he was onto something. Perhaps, he was getting closer to his and humanities eternal question of: what’s the…show more content…
He waited in line as the clerk rang up the items of the person in front of him. Adam could feel beads of sweat pool above his brow. Was he sure he wanted to do this? The man in front of him had an assortment of items. All of which, Adam had never tried. If this man could consume all these items, surely Adam could venture into the unknown territory of coffee creamer. The clerk handed the man back his change and proceeded to smile at Adam. Who is she smiling at? Why is she smiling? Adam wondered realized she was welcoming him to the register. She stuck her hand out, and Adam hesitantly turned the creamer over to her. As she rang the item up, Adam nervously looked around the store. He saw worried looking woman with two rambunctious children stroll down the cereal isle. On his other side he saw two teenagers arguing about the validity of Colorado identification cards, as they each picked up a rack of beer. Then, Adam turned his attention back to the clerk. He looked down at her nametag, labeled DESTINY. Adam was just about compliment her name, before she looked him in the eyes, and said in a welcoming tone, “That’ll be $3.50 today, Sir.” Adam pulled out a five-dollar bill and handed it to Destiny, as she bagged up his creamer. She returned his change and instead of pocketing it, Adam put it into a donation cup. Destiny thanked Adam as he left the
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