Argumentative Essay On Group Therapy

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The lastly, it is insurmountable to achieve the goals of group counseling, if the therapist is not able to address cultural diversity in the group. The role of the therapist is to understand the values and culture of the client. Further, developing the environment in the group where they can learn how to shape their behaviour according to the norms of the group and society.
Group Theory/Techniques/Interventions Effective for Adolescents Dealing with anxiety and substance use:
Cognitive behavioral therapy helps the group members to cope up with their stressor and help them to deal with that stressor. This stressor could be situations and feelings that could lead to substance use and with group cognitive behavioral therapy they learn to act to cope with the anxiety. The CBT groups, it has conventionally assumed that CBT model trained the group as an ‘active ingredient’ than the relationships between the group members (Bieling 2006). Which means that CBT model is more educationally therapy, and it is more structured, directive and time-limited ( Fennell 1989). The study on the effectiveness of group cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety disorder shows a significant diminution in anxiety levels-related dysfunction. The
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(Bieling 2006). The group would learn from each other and would aware that they are not the one who is suffering from this problem. Learning from each other would help them to develop the desired behavior. Teaching problem-solving skills to a group is an important part of CBT. Teaching each other how to deal with the problem is one of the important factors in CBT group. Generally, people find easier to teach other a problem-solving skill rather than to find a solution for them (Hollon
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