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Gun Control

Omar Mateen shook the world on the night of June 12, when he executed one of the worst mass shootings in the History of the United States; leaving 49 dead and 53 injured at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The tragic incident took place three and a half years after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting which is often seen as an important mark in the United State’s effort to reform gun control laws - seeing as how 20 elementary school children were among those fatally shot. According to Gun Violence Archive, there have been 998 mass shootings since then.

And those statistics are just mass shootings. No suicides, homicides or accidental deaths included. But what’s more shocking is that in cities like Chicago they take place
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They say that it 's not guns who kill people, but the people themselves. That is true, but thanks to the guns; it is easier and faster. They also say without guns around, homicides will still be at the same rate. No, it won’t. Why? Because if you were given a gun or a knife to kill someone with, what would you choose? None. That’s the right answer. Now think about it in a murderer 's point of view. Of course you’d take a gun. But why not a knife you ask. Why would you even attempt to jump someone and hold them while you stab them to death and make sure it 's killing them when you can point a gun to the head or any other vulnerable part of the body, shoot and be gone in next second. Exactly. Now, moving on. The second amendment statement is often used as the “oh the second amendment says its my right, i won’t give it up” statement when it comes to replying to anyone who tries and suggests stricter gun control laws. Personally, i find the whole guns for protection thing stupid. Guns are banned in so many countries and where i live is one of them. We don’t own guns or have weapons lying in our house for “safety reasons”. Yet, we’re save. I do however understand that in a country as big as America it is 10 times more likely for them to have murders, robberies or suicides, guns or no guns. But i believe that if several countries can do it, America can atleast
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