Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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Gun Control

Omar Mateen shook the world on the night of June 12, when he executed one of the worst mass shootings in the History of the United States; leaving 49 dead and 53 injured at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The tragic incident took place three and a half years after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting which is often seen as an important mark in the United State’s effort to reform gun control laws - seeing as how 20 elementary school children were among those fatally shot. According to Gun Violence Archive, there have been 998 mass shootings since then.

And those statistics are just mass shootings. No suicides, homicides or accidental deaths included. But what’s more shocking is that in cities like Chicago they take place on a much larger scale and occur so regularly that they barely even make the headlines anymore. How many gun suicides have you heard of? Exactly. Apparently, we don’t see that because evidence has found that news attention around suicide can lead to more suicides. And maybe that is true. But more than 60% of the population who die from guns die from suicides and it is said to be the second most common cause of death for Americans between the age of 15 and 34. So why is it still kept in the dark? If only a fraction of people know about it then there 's only a slight chance that further incidents be prevented. Furthermore, I have found many articles on arguments that have escalated into shootings. The fact that people are killing off one

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