Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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There is a raging argument in the world that many people are divided about. The argument is gun control, should we ban guns, or is there another way to stop mass shootings? In my research book called “Shooting Back” it talks about how On July 25, 1993, a man named Charl Van Wyk personally experienced the attack on the ST James Massacre. At that time, their area was experiencing danger and fighting so Charl had his gun with him at the church. When a couple of men walked into the church holding guns, no one was sure what was happening, they thought it could have been part of a scene from the play going on, until the men started to fire at the crowd. They shot random people, and threw grenades with nails in the sides killing even more people. But Charl defended the rest by going from the side, and shooting back. He managed to hit one of the men, but didn 't kill him, but after the shooting, he wonders if he should feel upset or glad that he didn 't kill the man, and that incident brought him into the rising topic of gun debate, where he used scripture to back up his side of the argument. So what is the reasons for this topic? Lately many people have experienced shootings, there are entire schools who have been shot at when they did nothing wrong, and people have even gone after 5 year olds and preschoolers. But the main question is should we ban all guns. This is the question everyone talks about. Should we ban guns, and would banning guns actually stop crime? Are there other

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